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Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh mix to the quantity you require

Our truck based mixers carry all the ingredients for making concrete in separate compartments and mix on site. The operator can stop the process at any time therefore delivering the exact amount our customers require.

Different mix designs available on one truck

Our computer controlled mixers allows us to change the mix design or mix consistency (slump) at any time.

No wastage - only pay for what you use

The mixing process only takes 7 seconds and delivers fresh concrete direct into the site or can be placed in wheel barrows, powered barrows or dumpers. When you have enough we stop mixing and you only pay for the amount dispensed. What's left on the truck is not wasted its taken on to the next job.

No part-load charges

Customers pay only for what they use so there are no hidden charges, the more concrete you have the cheaper it becomes.

DIY or trade

We welcome all customers large and small and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Small or large quantities

Our trucks can dispense any amount between 0.5 m³ and 9 m³

What is the minimum amount I can order?

We can deliver any quantity but have a minimum charge of 1 cubic metre.

And the maximum?

Our lorries can carry sufficient material for 8-9 cubic metres of concrete depending on the mix design. Large quantities of more than one truck load can be hard to calculate so remember that you do not have to have the full load you can stop at any time. NO part load charges, NO wasted concrete just the exact amount you require.

Does it matter if I order too little or too much?

No. That is the beauty of our mixers. We mix fresh concrete on site and can mix the exact quantity you require and then you pay for the amount used and not what was ordered.

Do you supply for DIY projects?

Yes we supply DIY and Trade customers. As you only pay for the amount we use our service is ideal for amateurs and jobs that are difficult to estimate volume required.

Can you fill wheelbarrows?

Yes we can. Our trucks carry 2 barrows and are ideal for loading these, and also dumpers. If you do have to use barrows please let us know when ordering as we can then allow enough time in our schedule. (1 cubic metre is about 25 wheel barrows).

Can you add fibres?

Yes we can add fibres into any mix as it is being dispensed. Please state requirement for fibres when ordering.

How close to the site do you have to be?

We have a maximum reach of 7 metres from the back of the truck. Please look in DELIVERY

How much notice do you want?

3 days would be ideal, so we can arrange our schedule to suit you. Otherwise we are always worth calling as cancellations do occur.

What are your prices?

Very competitive! We can't put a price list on the web site as every job is different, but call us using the above number and we'll give you an immediate quote.

Are you registered for VAT?

Yes; our VAT number is 764 9338 87

Do I need to open an account before I order?

No, but if you do not have an account you will be expected to pay on delivery.

Can I pay the delivery man with a credit card?

Yes, we have card machines on the trucks

Can I pay by BACS?

Yes indeed! Give us a ring and we'll sort out the details.

Customer's comments

"Just to say thank you for the delivery last Saturday. The driver was very helpful and stayed cheerful despite the snow and an awkwardly parked car. I would definitely recommend Custom Concrete."

"Today we had your driver Nick deliver us two cubic yards of concrete; We are not experts, so we plied him with tea, two sugars, then showed him what we were doing, explained we'd never laid concrete before and he gave us tips and helped us barrow it in too. He really is a top bloke and a credit to your company. We've ended up with exactly what we wanted, and it was so much easier than mixing it ourselves with the mess and hard graft involved in hiring a mixer and shovelling it all around."

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